Skilled Help For Condominium Formation and Homeowners’ Dispute Resolution

In general, condominium conversion will result in a significant increase in property value. Currently in San Francisco, two-unit buildings that meet certain owner-occupancy and other eligibility requirements may easily be converted to condominiums.

If you own or plan to purchase a unit in a one- or two- unit building and would like to convert it to condominiums, we can help you determine the building eligibility and assist you with the conversion process. Such determination involves more than a specific knowledge of the rules related to subdivisions. Instead, a full knowledge of landlord-tenant laws is essential. Making decisions with respect to tenants, such as pursuing evictions or negotiating buy-out agreements, could render a building ineligible for condominium conversion.

Do Not Wait To Get Help

For these reasons, it is important to inquire about condominium conversion eligibility prior to purchasing a property or making decisions with your tenants. At Zacks & Freedman, our firm is a full service firm that is well-versed in all aspects of HOA dispute resolution and can help you determine the eligibility of your property for condominium conversion and avoid the pitfalls that could prevent you from converting it to condominiums.

In addition, we have extensive experience with all aspects of condominium-related matters, including:

  • Preparation, submission, and monitoring of the condominium conversion application
  • Preparation of the legal documents, including CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
  • HOA formation
  • Amending and/or restating CC&Rs;
  • Homeowners’ dispute resolution related to:
    • Building/unit improvement,
    • Maintenance and repair,
    • Payment of HOA dues,
    • Noise/nuisance,
    • Rental restrictions,
    • Use and occupancy restrictions.

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In HOA dispute resolution, we remain cognizant of the fact that property owners will continue to live together in the same building. As a result, we try, whenever possible, to minimize adversarial proceedings. However, we are as aggressive as necessary to protect our clients’ interests. You can call us now at 415-956-8100 or send us a message to learn more.