Mitigating Loss After Construction Defects

Construction defects can result in economic loss — including decreased property value — and personal stress. When projects involve commercial investments, future business earnings may also be lost. Determining where the defect originated is the first step. The second is forcing the negligent party to repair the damage. Zacks & Freedman, PC is the voice of San Francisco property owners. For more than 25 years, clients have turned to us with their most complex real estate matters. Why? Because our construction defect attorney team challenges the status quo and fights for the legal reform necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

Making Property Owners Whole

Whether a residential remodel or a commercial development, construction projects involve many moving pieces and numerous parties. When poor workmanship or subpar materials result in defects, entire projects are put on hold, lives are disrupted and repairs can be costly.

Common construction defects include:

  • Faulty foundations
  • Leaky roofs and ineffective waterproofing
  • Electrical or plumbing issues
  • Moisture and mold
  • Improper remediation of hazardous materials
  • Environmental impacts

As a property owner, you should not be left paying for a contractor’s negligence. California law requires property owners to be placed in the same position they would be in if the defect had not occurred, and we work to ensure that happens.

Our construction defect attorney team begins with a thorough analysis of the defects involved, the parties at fault and the financial loss incurred. We then aggressively pursue all legal channels — including negotiation and litigation — to force the responsible parties and their insurers to remedy the situation. This may mean the contractor makes the repairs or it may mean hiring a third party to complete the work. Either way, we will ensure you are compensated for the losses you incurred.

Get Help During Construction Defect Disputes

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