Zacks & Freedman's “Free Agents” Basketball Team Competes in Bar Association’s Lawyer League

After a several-year hiatus, the Bar Association of San Francisco brought its sorely missed basketball league back in late 2022. Zacks & Freedman sponsored the “Free Agents,” a collection of attorneys and law students from a combination of law firms and law schools throughout the Bay, who competed in the league over a several month season. Our attorneys were joined on the team by attorneys from Fennemore, Littler Mendelson, Wilmer Hale, the Bay Area Receivership Group, Dillingham & Murphy and the City of Hayward. Youthful contributions were added by students from Golden Gate University and UC Law.

The campaign was a highly successful one, with the Free Agents prevailing in the majority of their games along the way. Unfortunately, we ran into an equally competitive team from Murphy Pearson in the final, and lost a close game.

Zacks and Freedman and the Free Agents would like to thank BASF for its extensive efforts to bring the league back, as well as to thank their general manager/coach Lisa Padilla and number one fan/back-up point guard, Angelica Nguyen for their tireless support throughout the season. We hope to see everyone back out there again this Fall!

To read more about the Free Agents’ campaign, please visit the BASF Basketball News.