Zacks & Freedman, PC Attends the SFAA Landlord Exposition

The San Francisco Apartment Association held its First Annual Landlord Expo, on May 18, 2023. The Landlord Expo is an education-focused event designed to meet the needs of San Francisco rental property owners. This event provided an excellent opportunity for San Francisco landlords and property managers to stay informed and educated about all things related to multi-family housing in San Francisco and to meet experienced vendors, managers, and attorneys.

Shareholders Mark Chernev and Justin Goodman attended the event and shared the Zacks & Freedman insight on many contemporary problems facing San Francisco property owners, as well as their vision for how to overcome them. Featured above is San Francisco real estate attorney Justin Goodman fielding attendees’ questions at the headlining Legal Q&A panel. It was a great day for everyone. Thank you SFAA for letting Zacks & Freedman participate and sponsor this terrific event. Looking forward to next year!