Assisting Landlords With Negotiated Move Outs And Buyout Agreements

Engaging in the business of being a Bay Area landlord is no easy feat, particularly in San Francisco which boasts some of the most restrictive rent and eviction control laws in the country. As a landlord, you may reach a point where you want, or need, to regain possession of your property for a variety of personal or financial reasons. Regaining possession of a rented piece of real property is neither simple nor easy. Unless there is cause to pursue one of the enumerated categories of evictions, many San Francisco landlords will have to turn to the negotiated buyout agreement as a means for recovering possession of their property.

Conducting buyout negotiations and executing legally sound buyout agreements are complicated tasks as they require a working knowledge of evolving state and local law and involve the skilled and delicate art of negotiation. San Francisco recently implemented new buyout laws, which pertain not only to what may be agreed upon between landlords and tenants, but also impose stringent procedural requirements on the landlord. For example, prior to engaging tenants in any sort of buyout discussion, landlords must make certain disclosures to tenants, and must file a sworn declaration with the San Francisco Rent Board stating that they have made those disclosures. Even if a landlord and tenant come to terms and execute a buyout agreement, any procedural misstep along the way could expose the agreement to a claim that the agreement is unlawful or invalid, and/or could subject a landlord to liability.

Skillfully Negotiating On Behalf Of Property Owners

With decades of experience, we at Zacks & Freedman, PC understand what it takes to pursue and execute legally sound and valuable buyouts. Our shrewd advocates negotiate on a daily basis and have successfully executed buyouts of thousands of tenancies on behalf of property owners across the Bay Area. We work to obtain advantageous, prompt, and enforceable buyouts designed to benefit property owners and endure legal tests.

At Zacks & Freedman, PC, we enjoy a solid and meaningful reputation for:

  • Appreciating our clients’ real property needs and knowing how to utilize applicable laws to achieve their buyout goals;
  • Understanding how state and local laws impact the way you can utilize your property, which will impact the scope and substance of any buyout;
  • Conducting swift and productive buyout negotiations with tenants and tenants’ attorneys;
  • Tailoring a comprehensive buyout agreement which comports with state and local law, can withstand future challenges, all while maximizing the value to our clients; and
  • Dealing with the vast array of tenants’ advocacy groups that exist throughout the Bay Area.

Get Immediate Help With A Buyout Agreement

A buyout agreement requires strategic planning at its inception, before any affirmative action is taken. If you own real property and are considering pursuing a buyout, contact us so we can help you weigh your options and maximize your buyout potential. You can also call us now at 415-956-8100.