Advocating For Property Owners During Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Over the years, our firm has built a reputation as one of the Bay Area’s leading firms for landlord-tenant law. Our landlord-tenant dispute lawyer team provides both transactional and litigation services to landlords and property managers throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. Our services include:

No-Fault Evictions

As a landlord, you have the right to terminate certain tenancies without any showing of tenant fault. However, the law doesn’t make it easy. Landlord-tenant laws in San Francisco in particular include many protections for tenants and many burdens for landlords. Zacks & Freedman, PC advocates for property owners.

No opponent is too large or case too complex for our team. Our attorneys have handled complex eviction cases, and gotten results. One area in which our firm has had a tremendous effect is Ellis Act evictions.

Ellis Act evictions are often a last resort for property owners. The laws surrounding these evictions are complex. We help landlords navigate this process, avoid getting caught up in the red tape, and get out of the rental business. It is your property, we will help you protect your right to it.

In addition to Ellis Act evictions, we offer services related to other “no-fault” eviction such as:

  • Move-in of a landlord or close relative
  • Sale of a unit that has been converted to a condominium
  • Capital improvements or rehabilitation allowing temporary removal from housing use
  • Substantial rehabilitation of a building with the necessary permits
  • Lead abatement as required by the San Francisco Health Code for temporary removal
  • Permanent removal or demolition of a rental unit from housing use in accordance with local City rules

Finding Solutions In A Complex Legal Landscape

The laws governing landlord-tenant relationships are complex. Resolving disputes requires knowledge, experience, and creativity.

At Zacks & Freedman, PC, we know the law — our efforts in the courtroom have helped drive reforms in landlord-tenant law. We have the experience — we have advocated for landlords for more than two decades. And we have the creativity to craft effective solutions — our skilled landlord-tenant dispute lawyer team use innovative strategies that bring clarity to complex legal situations.

For help protecting your rights as a landlord, contact our firm. Call 415-956-8100 to schedule a consultation.