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The Time to Permit Your “Intermediate Length Occupancy” Unit is Now

With relatively little fanfare, two years ago the Board of Supervisors adopted strict new rules to regulate ‘Intermediate Length Occupancy’ (ILO) units. An ILO unit is defined as a dwelling unit that is rented for more than 30 days but less than… Read More
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Understanding San Francisco’s Property Code Enforcement Process

Many San Francisco property owners are rightfully concerned when City agencies contact them about potential violations at their property. The property code enforcement process is confusing, and many enforcement notices threaten monetary penalties (or… Read More
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Did Senate Bill 8 Impact the Definition of “Housing Development Project” Under the Housing Accountability Act?

The California Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 (“SB 8”) in 2021, which was intended to add further protections to California’s Planning and Zoning laws to increase the supply of housing. While SB 8 accomplished that by clarifying and strengthe… Read More
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Does the Housing Accountability Act Apply to My Project? ZF’s Clients Test the Law’s Boundaries.

California’s Housing Accountability Act (Government Code section 65589.5) requires local governments to approve code-compliant housing development projects. If a city denies a housing development project without making specific findings of an unmit… Read More
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San Francisco Imposes Additional Requirements on Property Owners Looking to Build ADUs; Increases Consequences of Removing Tenant Housing Services

Beginning December 12, 2021, property owners must meet additional requirements to add Additional Dwelling Units, or ADUs, under the San Francisco local program. In San Francisco, there are several different ADU programs available to property owners.… Read More
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Thinking of Utilizing SB 9 in San Francisco? Better Act Fast.

The Legislature has passed a series of increasingly aggressive housing laws that loosen local zoning requirements and remove local discretion over housing projects. One of the latest bills, SB 9, permits owners of certain properties in urban, single-… Read More
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How California's Newly Enacted Senate Bills 9 and 10 Impact Statewide Single-Family Zoning

On September 16, 2021, Governor Newsom signed a pair of bills, Senate Bills (SB) 9 and 10, which mark a continuing effort by the California Legislature to support the expansion of the state’s housing production. SB 9 permits owners of certain prope… Read More
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How the Housing Crisis Act Affects Development Impact Fees

Housing shortages are not only a problem in the Bay Area. Large swaths of California are experiencing a lack of housing. Enter the Housing Crisis Act. The California legislature passed the Housing Crisis Act in 2019. A major part of the law limits th… Read More
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Understanding the Housing Accountability Act

The Housing Accountability Act restricts local governments from blocking housing developments. As long as a proposed project meets zoning and permit requirements, the municipality cannot prevent the builder from moving forward. Construction firms sho… Read More
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Less Red Tape Promotes Ea…

Less Red Tape Promotes Easier, Faster Building of ADUs

In 2019, five new bills became effective for the building of Accessory Dwelling Units. What are ADUs, and what impact do the newly enacted bills have on the California housing market? About ADUs The term Accessory Dwelling Unit refers to a housing un… Read More
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