Lawyers Who Can Help You With Notice Of Violation (NOV) And Order Of Abatement Hearings

When the City issues a citation, commonly referred to as a notice of violation, against your property, it can be confusing and costly. These notices generally cite habitability or construction defects, which exist on a piece of property and require immediate attention. These citable defects vary greatly, and can include simpler defects such as a broken window frame or missing building numbers, to more significant problems such as a collapsing ceiling or unpermitted construction.

Effectively Combating Notice of Violation Citations

If the issues identified in a notice of violation are not promptly resolved by the property owners, the City can issue what is called an “order of abatement” against their property. Posing serious legal and financial implications, orders of abatement can result in civil penalties and fines, jeopardize your loan and relationship with your lender, and are recorded against your property. Generally speaking, the longer these issues remain unresolved, the more expensive and serious the consequences become. Notices of violation and orders of abatement can also result in litigating with tenants and other adverse parties, working with insurance companies, and navigating the complex system of local government tasked with issuing and enforcing these notices.

To properly address notices of violation and orders of abatement, owners must:

  • Understand the issues and defects stated in the notice
  • Understand the City’s demands and requirements
  • Plan an effective course of action to address the notice
  • Employ the appropriate help to implement the plan and make any necessary repairs
  • Coordinate with the appropriate local agency to get the citation formally cleared

A Law Firm That Can Assist You With These Challenging Hearings

With unrivaled expertise, Zacks & Freedman, PC has been successfully helping property owners oppose, respond to and cure notices of violation and orders of abatement for decades. Our attorneys have helped property owners with all kinds of defense and can help you whether your notice has a single minor issue or dozens of serious habitability defects.

At Zacks & Freedman, PC, we are equipped to:

  • Identify and explain to you the issues contained in your notice
  • Tailor a custom approach to address your notice while protecting your property interests
  • Anticipate and guard against other legal issues that may arise as a result of your notice, such as having to relocate tenants or defend against a lawsuit
  • Act as a liaison between you and your tenants, neighboring property owners, other attorneys, insurance companies, city officials, and the press
  • Appear before local governmental bodies such as the Building Inspection Commission and Abatement Appeals Board to challenge the legality and validity of your notice
  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with local agencies such as the Department of Building Inspection

Contact Skilled Lawyers

With a notice of violation or order of abatement, every day that passes matters. If your property has an outstanding notice of violation or order of abatement, contact us so that we can help protect your property interests. You can also call us now at 415-956-8100.