Giving You A Voice During Land Use And Permit Disputes

Zacks & Freedman, PC has given property owners in the Bay Area a voice for more than 25 years. Our building permit lawyer team represents property owners throughout San Francisco during building permit disputes.

Our experience representing both developers and project opponents benefits all of our clients. Because we know how the other side thinks, we know the steps they will take. This insight enables us to build effective legal strategies that achieve our clients’ goals.

Finding Solutions To Neighborhood Opposition

Construction projects present many opportunities for disputes. In a city with a rich history and high property values, many residents are resistant to new developments. When commercial or residential projects face opposition from neighbors, building permits may be vulnerable.

For more than two decades, real estate developers and neighbors have turned to our attorneys for guidance during permit disputes. Our firm assists with every stage of development, from proposal reviews and building permit applications to appealing permits and advocating at Board of Appeals hearings. We also act as a liaison between neighborhood opposition groups and developers, taking proactive steps to prevent disputes and working to find civil solutions when issues do arise.

Advocating For Neighboring Property Owners

Neighbors are often concerned by developments that threaten the value of their properties. Unfortunately, many feel too small to effectively oppose a project.

At Zacks & Freedman, PC, no opponent is too large. Over the years, we have taken on the hard cases — and won. Our firm has been instrumental in the development of state and local real estate law. No matter how powerful your adversary is, we will make sure your voice is heard.

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