Representing Property Owners With Land Use, Permit And Zoning Issues

Zacks & Freedman, PC gives San Francisco property owners a voice. Whether you are an owner or a neighborhood coalition fighting a proposed development, or a developer seeking the necessary permits for your project, our land use lawyer team can help.

Located in San Francisco, California, we represent landowners throughout the Bay Area during land use disputes and appeals.

Our firm advocates for property owners at every level of the legal system. Our land use lawyer team represents clients during building permit disputes at discretionary review and Planning Commission hearings, handles notice of violation and abatement hearings in front of the Planning Commission and local municipal boards, and represents clients during litigation surrounding Airbnb and short-term rental rights and environmental appeals in state and federal court. Our attorneys have taken cases all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In addition to our litigation services, we review development proposals, assist with permit, variance, and conditional use applications, and advise clients on myriad other land use issues.

Bringing Years Of Insight To Your Land Use Dispute

Our land use lawyer team respects clients who work on both sides of land use disputes — both developers and project opponents. We understand the obstacles each side faces and the arguments each side poses. Most importantly, we know how the other side thinks. This insight allows our attorneys to be proactive, taking the necessary legal and political steps to advance our clients’ interests.

A Land Use Lawyer Team Finding The Most Effective Solution For You

When helping clients reach common ground during a land use or zoning dispute we have one goal: to protect our clients’ property and financial interests. However, we also know that disputes often involve neighbors who may continue living near each other for years to come.

While developing our legal strategy, we are mindful of the social implications of our approach, striving first to find amicable, less litigious resolutions to disputes. When litigation is necessary to protect your rights, however, we will be a vocal advocate in court.

For assistance with land use, permits, and appeals, contact Zacks & Freedman, PC. Call 415-956-8100 to schedule a consultation.

Attorneys:  Andrew Grindstaff