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Understanding the Housing Accountability Act

The Housing Accountability Act restricts local governments from blocking housing developments. As long as a proposed project meets zoning and permit requirements, the municipality cannot prevent the builder from moving forward. Construction firms sho… Read More
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Ellie - Home Office with Pet Cat - Emotional Support Animal - Lady Petting Cat

Can I Ask Potential Tenants if They Have an Emotional Support Animal During the Screening Process?

What is an Emotional Support Animal? Emotional support animals (sometimes called simply “support animals” or “companion animals”) are animals that support disabled people. Unlike service animals, like seeing eye dogs, they do not require spec… Read More
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Less Red Tape Promotes Ea…

Less Red Tape Promotes Easier, Faster Building of ADUs

In 2019, five new bills became effective for the building of Accessory Dwelling Units. What are ADUs, and what impact do the newly enacted bills have on the California housing market? About ADUs The term Accessory Dwelling Unit refers to a housing un… Read More
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Key and sticker with inscription rent control pinned to the board.

What Landlords Need to Know About New Rent Control, Eviction Laws

Your life as a landlord in California is not easy, and few people understand how difficult it is to navigate state restrictions. New state laws protect tenants in the areas of rent control and eviction. You need protection, too. It starts with unders… Read More
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