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Understanding San Francisco’s Property Code Enforcement Process

Many San Francisco property owners are rightfully concerned when City agencies contact them about potential violations at their property. The property code enforcement process is confusing, and many enforcement notices threaten monetary penalties (or… Read More
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Why Are “Unlawful Detai…

Why Are “Unlawful Detainers” Summary Proceedings?

“Eviction” is a civil remedy to restore real property to a person with the actual right of possession. “Unlawful detainers” are a unique type of civil lawsuit, which take their name from a set of statutes – called the “unlawful detainer s… Read More
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AB 2179 – So What Now?

No doubt the last two years of moratoriums, eviction rules, required disclosures, declarations of Covid-19 related financial distress, and applications for rental assistance have our heads spinning. As a result, we find ourselves wondering when will… Read More
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Unreasonable HOA Board: You Can Act and Cause the Entire Board of Directors to be Removed

Who hasn’t heard a horror story concerning an HOA Board of Directors abusing its powers? If you are facing a similar situation, don’t panic; the law addresses this issue and allows homeowners to remove an entire Board of Directors. Introduction A… Read More
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ZF’s Clients Obtain Court-Ordered Stay of San Francisco’s New 10-Day Notice Law

For over 100 years in California, when tenants fail to timely pay rent or otherwise breach lease obligations, landlords have been entitled to bring legal actions for possession of rental units (an “unlawful detainer”), after first serving tenants… Read More
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Did Senate Bill 8 Impact the Definition of “Housing Development Project” Under the Housing Accountability Act?

The California Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 (“SB 8”) in 2021, which was intended to add further protections to California’s Planning and Zoning laws to increase the supply of housing. While SB 8 accomplished that by clarifying and strengthe… Read More
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Three Things Landlords Should Know About Habitability

A decision by the California Supreme Court in 1974 established that all rental agreements in the state include an implied warranty of habitability. This implied warranty binds anyone who rents or leases their property, regardless the explicit languag… Read More
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Does the Housing Accountability Act Apply to My Project? ZF’s Clients Test the Law’s Boundaries.

California’s Housing Accountability Act (Government Code section 65589.5) requires local governments to approve code-compliant housing development projects. If a city denies a housing development project without making specific findings of an unmit… Read More
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The San Francisco Owner Move-In Eviction

In general, virtually all San Francisco residential tenants enjoy eviction controls. This means that even though a tenant’s lease has expired, a landlord still may only evict a tenant for one of the sixteen reasons provided for in the San Francisco… Read More
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New office locations

Zacks & Freedman, PC is Pleased to Announce the Opening of Two New Office Locations

Zacks & Freedman, PC is pleased to announce the opening of two new office locations in the East Bay and Monterey Bay! While Zacks & Freedman, PC has been in San Francisco for more than 30 years, we have consistently provided real property leg… Read More
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