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"Justice for Renters Act" Seeks to Repeal Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act

Michael Weinstein, through his AIDS Healthcare Foundation, is leading the “Justice for Renters Act,” the most recent attempt to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Costa-Hawkins is a state law that places strict limits on a city’s abil… Read More
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Unauthorized Dwelling Unit Blues

Under current law, San Francisco homeowners whose property includes an Unauthorized Dwelling Unit, or UDU, have few good options. A UDU is defined in San Francisco Planning Code Section 317(b)(13) as one or more rooms within a building that have been… Read More
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AB 1620 (2023) Opens the Door for Local Governments To Compel the Rental of “Accessible Floor” Units

An amendment to the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act will make significant changes to the reasonable accommodation, interactive process with respect to a tenant with a permanent physical disability who seeks to move into an equal or smaller unit. Cos… Read More
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Uncommon Bonds: Exploring the World of Tenancies in Common

A Tenancy in common (TIC) is a form of property ownership with a rich history in California, dating back to the early days of statehood. In a TIC two or more individuals or entities collectively hold an undivided interest in real property with a cont… Read More
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Branching Out: Navigating Neighborly Tree Disputes

Tree disputes are more common among neighbors than one might expect. Common tree disputes include branches overhanging fences, an aggressive root invasion, or overgrown trees blocking off views. When neighbors refuse to cooperate and address these gr… Read More
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Adverse Possession: When Your Property Becomes Your Neighbor’s Without Your Consent

Property line disputes can occur between neighbors. But what happens when your neighbor is aware of a boundary line, but nonetheless encroaches upon or improves your property on purpose? In certain circumstances, it can result in your neighbor taking… Read More
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San Francisco’s Family Housing Opportunity Special Use District – Formulated for Failure?

A bill sponsored by Supervisors Myrna Melgar and Joel Engardio, creates a citywide “Family Housing Opportunity Special Use District” (SUD). The bill passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors on July 25, 2023 and is expected to be signed by M… Read More
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Time to Increase the Rent for Your San Francisco Rental? Dos and Don’ts.

Some landlords have patiently waited for the post era of the COVID-19 pandemic to increase their tenants’ rent. While these landlords are eager to proceed with rent increases, it is . . . Read More
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Real Estate Partition in California: Co-Ownership Challenges When the Levee Breaks

There is no doubt that California is a state known for its booming real property market. With the vast amount of properties and owners, real estate ownership in California can sometimes lead to complex situations when multiple owners co-own the same… Read More
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Is My Single-Family Home or Condo in San Francisco Exempt From Rent Control?

The short answer is: Maybe. Whether San Francisco single-family homes or condos are exempt from rent control is a highly nuanced area of California law. To explain the current state of the law, it makes the most sense to start at the beginning. Prior… Read More
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