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How Does the Recent Amendment to the Ellis Act Affect Property Owners’ Re-Rental Rights in San Francisco?

On July 18, 2022, Section 37.9A of the San Francisco Administrative Code was amended to impose more restrictions on owners’ re-rental rights to a withdrawn unit. Background The Ellis Act (codified in Section 7060, et seq. of the California Governme… Read More
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Is My San Francisco Residential Unit Eviction-Controlled?

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance regulates rent and eviction controls for residential units which are not exempt from regulations. Jurisdiction over rent control and eviction control are not identical, but they often do overlap. However, just because… Read More
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California’s Tenant Protection Act

Assembly Bill 1482 (“AB 1482”), otherwise known as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, introduced the first of its kind, statewide, price limits and eviction protections of landlord/tenant law in California. The broad scope of the Act is not neces… Read More
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In Defense of the Ellis Act

Being a landlord is tough. It begins with a seemingly reasonable exchange: the payment of a market rental rate in exchange for a commitment to provide habitable premises. However, with the majority of rental units now covered by some form of rent con… Read More
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The Lis Pendens: Hammer of the Gods

California law, courts, and history have consistently promoted that real property be freely and completely transferable. However, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise where one party alleges that an owner cannot transfer real property because the… Read More
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The Time to Permit Your “Intermediate Length Occupancy” Unit is Now

With relatively little fanfare, two years ago the Board of Supervisors adopted strict new rules to regulate ‘Intermediate Length Occupancy’ (ILO) units. An ILO unit is defined as a dwelling unit that is rented for more than 30 days but less than… Read More
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Understanding San Francisco’s Property Code Enforcement Process

Many San Francisco property owners are rightfully concerned when City agencies contact them about potential violations at their property. The property code enforcement process is confusing, and many enforcement notices threaten monetary penalties (or… Read More
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Why Are “Unlawful Detai…

Why Are “Unlawful Detainers” Summary Proceedings?

“Eviction” is a civil remedy to restore real property to a person with the actual right of possession. “Unlawful detainers” are a unique type of civil lawsuit, which take their name from a set of statutes – called the “unlawful detainer s… Read More
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AB 2179 – So What Now?

No doubt the last two years of moratoriums, eviction rules, required disclosures, declarations of Covid-19 related financial distress, and applications for rental assistance have our heads spinning. As a result, we find ourselves wondering when will… Read More
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Unreasonable HOA Board: You Can Act and Cause the Entire Board of Directors to be Removed

Who hasn’t heard a horror story concerning an HOA Board of Directors abusing its powers? If you are facing a similar situation, don’t panic; the law addresses this issue and allows homeowners to remove an entire Board of Directors. Introduction A… Read More
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