Time to Increase the Rent for Your San Francisco Rental? Dos and Don’ts.

Some landlords have patiently waited for the post era of the COVID-19 pandemic to increase their tenants’ rent. While these landlords are eager to proceed with rent increases, it is . . . Read More
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Real Estate Partition in California: Co-Ownership Challenges When the Levee Breaks

There is no doubt that California is a state known for its booming real property market. With the vast amount of properties and owners, real estate ownership in California can sometimes lead to complex situations when multiple owners co-own the same… Read More
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Exterior view of multistory single family homes built close to one another in San Jose, Silicon Valley

Is My Single-Family Home or Condo in San Francisco Exempt From Rent Control?

The short answer is: Maybe. Whether San Francisco single-family homes or condos are exempt from rent control is a highly nuanced area of California law. To explain the current state of the law, it makes the most sense to start at the beginning. Prior… Read More
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Closeup hands of real estate agent and customer handshake together after agreement together about credit house and insurance, client and consulting of investment about residential, business concept.

Eminent Domain: When Government Has the Right to Take Your Property

Eminent Domain concerns the right of the government or other authorized entity to force a sale of private property for “public use.” The law of eminent domain is grounded in both federal and state constitutions, and as long as certain statutorily… Read More
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Piggy bank and orange note written with MORATORIA..

The Slow End of the Eviction Moratoria in Alameda County: Now What?

After several extensions and several years, the eviction moratoria in Alameda County has now ended. The City of Oakland will phase its own moratoria out over the course of the next few months. The City of Berkeley will also phase out over the next se… Read More
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Refusal to provide housing. Bank refuse to give a mortgage loan. Low credit score. Confiscation of pledged property. Building commissioning. Building codes. Cancellation of deal buying real estate

San Francisco Enacts Harsh New Penalties for Code Violators

San Francisco property owners should think twice before commencing construction projects without proper permits and approvals. On March 21, 2023, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance No. 220878, which significantly increases fines… Read More
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Building activity, construction industry and housing development concept with imaginary cityscape - Real estate market or Homeowner Association concept

Thinking of Utilizing SB 9 in San Francisco? Better Act Fast.

The Legislature has passed a series of increasingly aggressive housing laws that loosen local zoning requirements and remove local discretion over housing projects. One of the latest bills, SB 9, permits owners of certain properties in urban, single-… Read More
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Commercial Lease agreement with money on a table.

Is It Legal to Include a Relocation Clause in My Commercial Leases?

California is one of the most renter-friendly states in the nation, as evidenced by the recent imposition of statewide rent control and other legal precedents. In an environment such as this, you may desire to include relocation clauses in the lease… Read More
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Real estate purchase documents are prepared within the real estate trading office for clients who wish to purchase real estate to sign a document confirming the completion of the purchase.

What You Need To Know About San Francisco Rental Unit Registration Ordinance

On December 18, 2020, San Francisco adopted Ordinance 265-20, which implements the City’s first rental unit registration ordinance. With Proposition 21 on the ballot in November of 2020, the Board of Supervisors was poised to implement vacancy cont… Read More
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Empty residential street in the suburbs

AB 1584: An Attempt to Cure HOA Compliance Issues Caused by AB 3182

Prior to 2021, Homeowners’ Associations (“HOAs”) had fairly broad discretion to prohibit rentals in condominium communities. AB 3182, effective January 1, 2021, added Civil Code section 4741, which imposed limitations on this broad authority, i… Read More
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