Abandoned Housing Units

Creating a Tenancy-in-Common Property

Tenancies-in-common (TICs) are among the most popular forms of shared property ownership in San Francisco. Following sweeping changes to condominium conversion rules over the last decade, which have discouraged (or outright banned) property owners fr… Read More
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The Landlord Who Could Neither Exit Nor Remain in the Rental Business: The Hobson’s Choice of the Recent Barrington Plaza Case

California’s Ellis Act was enacted in 1985 to enable landlords who find themselves in financially or otherwise unmanageable situations to exit the rental business. It came about as a response to a particular Santa Monica landlord’s desire to demo… Read More
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Flippers Will Need to Disclose Their Work Under a New California Law

What is Included in the New California Law Starting July 1, 2024, some sellers of residential California property may be required to make additional disclosures if they flip property, or otherwise sell it on short order, after making repairs. Assembl… Read More
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Density Bonus Law Gets an Extra Boost in 2024 Via AB1287

California’s Density Bonus Law was originally enacted in 1989, but has gained traction in recent years as a result of California’s well known housing crisis. Generally speaking, the Density Bonus Law was enacted as an incentive to developers to b… Read More
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She Came In Through The School Year Window – OMI Timing Constraints – Act Now!

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance allows certain owners the ability to recover tenant-occupied rental units for personal use, thereby terminating the tenancy of all occupants. However, there are significant limitations on how and when an owner can per… Read More
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House Model Near HOA Rules And Regulations Document

Delinquent Owner: Can the Homeowners Association Foreclose?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on the amount owed and it requires compliance with a series of rules. Because Homeowners’ Associations (“HOAs”) depend upon the timely payment of owners’ assessments to function, courts recognize the ri… Read More
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Concord Rent and Eviction Control: Measures with Potential Ripple Effects

Last month, the Concord City Council passed its “Residential Tenant Protection Program” a highly debated rent control and “just cause” eviction ordinance that allows for greater renter protections. The effects of the ordinance will be felt by… Read More
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"Justice for Renters Act" Seeks to Repeal Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act

Michael Weinstein, through his AIDS Healthcare Foundation, is leading the “Justice for Renters Act,” the most recent attempt to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Costa-Hawkins is a state law that places strict limits on a city’s abil… Read More
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Unauthorized Dwelling Unit Blues

Under current law, San Francisco homeowners whose property includes an Unauthorized Dwelling Unit, or UDU, have few good options. A UDU is defined in San Francisco Planning Code Section 317(b)(13) as one or more rooms within a building that have been… Read More
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AB 1620 (2023) Opens the Door for Local Governments To Compel the Rental of “Accessible Floor” Units

An amendment to the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act will make significant changes to the reasonable accommodation, interactive process with respect to a tenant with a permanent physical disability who seeks to move into an equal or smaller unit. Cos… Read More
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